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Voucher Program

Spay and neuter vouchers are available the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

*Please note spay and neuter surgery is expensive. In most cases you get what you pay for, but if price is your only consideration; there are low cost options in Bakersfield. Contact all the vets in your area to compare, and also call some of the vets in Bakersfield to see how their prices and services would work to lower your costs. Be sure to take into account the travel time and cost of gas. Most vets require females to stay over night, so you might have to make two trips to town. Using our voucher requires that a veterinary sign off that they gave your animal its required vaccinations. Those costs may vary, so ask about them. Many vet clinics have add-on charges if you don't tell them ahead of time you do not want to pay for those special services. Such extra costs can include pain medication, blood work, special anesthetic, ear mite treatment and spray for fleas and ticks. Know what you will be paying for and how much your bill will be before you leave your animal.
KHS does not recommend any vet. In the past, lower cost spay and neuter in Bakersfield has been available at:
Critters without Litters, Auburn Vet Hospital, Bakersfield Spay Clinic, Mt. Vernon Vet Hospital, 4 Paws Vet Hospital and Thurman Clinic.
SERENITY Cat Hospital has had the lowest prices for cat spay / neuter services at $50 for females and $40 for males.

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